Architettura Comfort Ambiente - ARCA - is the founder of certification systems dedicated to wood-bearing structures. The association was established by the Autonomous Province of Trento and is aimed at the exploitation of products with high technological and low environmental impacts. XLAM DOLOMITI is the founding partner of ARCA and is committed to the promotion of wood structures characterized by energy efficiency and safety.
ARCA certifies the safety features of a wooden structure: earthquake resistance, fire resistance, acoustic and environmental insulation.


XLAM DOLOMITI panels are CE-marked and conforming to ETA-12/0347 (European Technical Approval).

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ISO 9001

The design and production of XLAM wood structural panels and the design, manufacture and installation of XLAM DOLOMITI structural wooden structures have been certified by SGS ITALY SPA. The workmanship meets the requirements of the international standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008. (certificate number it12/0757).

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The professionalism and the work experience gained over time have led XLAM DOLOMITI to obtain the qualification for the execution of public works issued pursuant to Presidential Decree 207/2010 by the certification body SOA NORD ALPI Organismo di Attestazione S.p.a. (certificate No. 14952AL / 16 / 00, date of attestation in progress 20/12/2017, original date of attestation 20/05/2016, expiration of the three year validity 19/05/2019, expiration of the five year validity 19/05/2021), for the following categories and classifications:

  • Cat. OG1 Class. VI
  • Cat. OS6 Class. III-BIS
  • Cat. OS32 Class. V
with qualification for design and construction services up to Class VIII. The certificate also attests to the possession of the Certification referred to in art. 3 paragraph 1 letter mm of DPR 207/2010, valid until 27/07/2018, issued by SGS ITALIA SpA

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XLAM DOLOMITI is certified by S.A.L.E. (Wooden Buildings Reliability System), the first Italian protocol shared with the Insurance and Credit institutions and promoted by FederlegnoArredo, which allows the certified builders to offer their buyers:

  • Fire and major risks premiums at prices comparable (and in some cases inferior) to those for traditional buildings;
  • Mortgages dedicated to the construction of wooden buildings

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X-Lam Dolomiti is a partner of UICB (Union Industriels Constructeurs Bois). Important French professional association, to which the most qualified companies operating in the field of wooden constructions adhere. Companies that carry out projects in the field of housing (individual or collective), commercial buildings, schools, communities, etc. What all the member companies have in common is an attention to progress but with minimal environmental impact, to innovation and the search for the highest quality materials.