Free bim libraries for revit and autodesk

Our Technical Office designs using the BIM method: a collaborative design method that allows you to to integrate the useful information at every stage of design into a single template. Every piece of architectural, structural, plant, energy, and management information is integrated simultaneously to provide the designer with a flexible and powerful tool.

The information provided by the BIM method concern the volumes and dimensions of the product, materials, aspects, and other features. Thanks to the BIM library, data is collected and stored in a single location and is fully available at each design and installation stage.
The strengths of a BIM library design are:

● greater efficiency and productivity at the design stage
● correction of calculation errors or other types of errors
● interoperability between different resources
● ongoing monitoring of the current project
● the possibility of obtaining a virtual lifecycle of the building to diagnose the quality of the material and any maintenance work


To facilitate your projects, you can download our BIM libraries.

With the X-LAM Dolomiti for Revit® 2018/2019 libraries, designing and sharing complete information becomes easy, high quality, secure and respect for the environment is achieved in the realization of the work optimizing time and resources.

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