the Best Supplies
to Build in Green Building

When you need to build sustainable, with XLAM DOLOMITI you find every solution.

We present all the supplies available with XLAM DOLOMITES.

Thanks to XLAM Dolomiti’s considerable experience and expertise in the design, management and construction of wooden construction sites, it offers a simplified supply KIT of all the materials needed for the construction of wooden structures that guarantees considerable efficiency and rapidity in the implementation and management of your construction site.

In addition to the supply of the XLAM panel, we offer the supply of:

  • Static, constructive and detailed design
  • Pre-cut laminated timber
  • Beading, planking and other wooden elements
  • Hardware and hardware
  • Air sealing, waterproofing and structural soundproofing systems
  • Steel elements
  • Other items and products needed for completion

The simplicity and speed lies in having a single qualified supplier manage the entire site supply-chain for you by providing every product and service you need. You only have to take care of the laying of everything that arrives precisely and on time at the construction site

  • structurally strong and lightweight
  • stability and durability
  • ideal for single and multi-story buildings
  • excellent thermal and acoustic insulation

Pre-cut roofs

XLAM DOLOMITI supplies the truss in assembly kits with material processed according to the construction plan, numbered and accompanied by the laying plan complete with dimensions and indications.

Our system is distinguished by precision and accuracy of cuts and even complex machining to enable easy and fast installation, reducing construction time. We can provide pre-cut roofs in glulam, solid wood, bilam and “river use” truss.

  • high quality of raw material
  • roofs available with various types of lumber
  • accurate joints for fast installation
  • trusses supplied in kit form

Ventilated wall

Born out of the need to further streamline the installation time of a building, the system developed by Avantgarde developed by XLAM DOLOMITI, thanks to a pre-assembly carried out in the factory, is guaranteed by 15 years of experience and achievements performed.

The system provides complete, insulated structural walls with the option of choosing numerous finishes by combining different materials: from stoneware to natural stone; from metal to recomposed materials; from photovoltaic wall panels to integration with backlit light effects. The integration project between the XLam walls and the finishing “skin” is made by our technical office with the most modern BIM software.

  • more rapidity in completing the building
  • High protection of the building and structure
  • lower construction costs
  • improved thermal performance
  • many aesthetic solutions

Window frame monoblock

X-BLOCK is the monoblock for window frames created by XLAM DOLOMITI with a view to making site schedules even more efficient while containing installation costs.

The wall, which is already complete with monoblocks, allows the shutters to be installed, leaving the client to choose the type of window and finish of his or her liking. Everything is studied by designing the various assembly nodes consonant with the best performance of durability and aesthetic quality.

  • time and cost savings at the construction site
  • high quality of realization
  • detail control
  • wide availability of technical solutions and accessories

Preassembled ladders

with the aim of speeding up the on-site assembly stages, XLAM DOLOMITI provides pre-assembled staircases in its own factory of its own design and construction.

The result is to further compress not only construction time but also costs, eliminating possible errors or assembly difficulties. Always in the care of the client or designer, the choice of materials, always wide to meet every aesthetic and functional need.

  • speed of deployment
  • lower construction costs
  • Accurate design to eliminate errors in progress
  • many aesthetic solutions