Sustainability Report:
the XLAM DOLOMITES Commitment

Designing wood green building is a big change: XLAM DOLOMITI explains all the advantages of designing with our systems.

This commitment aims to create new business value by integrating environmental sustainability to protect the planet and humanity.

The fundamentals that lead to sustainability

The focuses of our commitment with the goal of pursuing sustainability in everything we do.

Ethical conduct

Ethical management of a company is not just a choice, but is a fundamental pillar that defines the company’s identity and longevity over time. Business ethics goes beyond compliance with laws and regulations, requiring a deep commitment to act justly and responsibly toward all stakeholders.

X-LAM Dolomites recognizes its role in contributing to the process of development and growth of the Italian economy, operating with a sense of responsibility and moral integrity.

The company places a high value on labor and considers legality, fairness and transparency as essential prerequisites for achieving its economic, production and social goals.

Corporate security

We handle sensitive data responsibly, not only to comply with regulations and laws, but also to preserve business integrity and customer trust.

A Privacy team, consisting of the ICT Office, Legal Office and Personnel Office, oversees these issues in active collaboration.

Main activities include checking and updating personal data records, managing System Administrators’ compliance, and organizing information activities for staff. Each Group entity appoints a Data Protection Officer (DPO), who is responsible for managing and implementing data protection policies. The DPO is committed to ensuring compliance with data protection regulations and the adoption of best practices for data security and privacy.


We specialize in sustainable construction, mainly using wood from sustainably managed forests with PEFC certification. We engage in research to develop structural wood products from fast-growing species. 99% of the materials used are renewable, contributing to sustainability and circularity.

The elements produced by X-LAM Dolomites are made from sustainable, environmentally friendly materials with high CO2 storage capacity. The panels are PEFC certified, ensuring respect for the environment and biodiversity. The company is committed to maintaining emissions of volatile components (VOCs) and formaldehyde below European regulatory limits.

All materials used on site are CE marked, complying with national and European regulations.


X-LAM Dolomites positions itself as a virtuous example in the construction industry, with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability permeating every aspect of its operations. We have significantly controlled and, most importantly, reduced energy consumption in every sector of the production chain:

  • Consumption and Emissions
  • Transportation and Logistics
  • Responsible Waste Management
  • Biodiversity


We are constantly adopting new technologies, advanced materials and cutting-edge design approaches to offer increasingly effective and eco-friendly solutions. Innovation not only improves the quality of products and services offered, but also contributes to the preservation of the environment and the promotion of a sustainable future in the construction industry.

The SU.PRE.MO research project, launched in 2022, aims to improve the mechanical properties of materials, identify prefabrication systems for wood structures and develop a platform for online configuration of X-LAM buildings. The research also includes the creation of prefabricated modules for emergency situations and self-building based on a database of opportunities.

X-LAM Dolomites participates in demonstration projects, such as the ARV project for full-scale buildings with structural innovations and the MULTICARE project, which aims to improve multi-hazard resilience of buildings through low-carbon technologies.


Responsible and sustainable supply chain management is a key pillar for X-LAM Dolomites, ensuring material quality, resource preservation, social responsibility and regulatory compliance.

The company is committed to sourcing locally whenever possible, involving local artisans and businesses. Even in external procurement, X-LAM Dolomites implements strict controls to ensure respect for civil and labor rights and high quality standards.

X-LAM Dolomites’ commitment is reflected in the purchase of planking from sustainably managed forests (PEFC) and the adoption of formaldehyde-free glues. Suppliers are evaluated through a questionnaire that includes regulatory compliance, payroll compliance, labor training, and verification that incoming materials match contractual agreements.

Human Resources

X-LAM Dolomites highlights the crucial role of people in its initiatives, recognizing the value of diversity and striving to promote an inclusive work environment. The company adopts merit-based, non-discriminatory hiring policies and is committed to ensuring professional development opportunities for all employees.

Continuing education is considered a crucial investment in the long-term success of the organization. We offer information and training tools to enhance specific skills and preserve the professional value of human capital. In-house shadowing and recurrent trainings are provided, with an emphasis on occupational safety.

We support work-life balance through flexible working hours and acceptance of part-time or smart working contracts, responding to employees’ needs.
Training on product features involves technical meetings with suppliers, internal comparisons, courses organized by external entities, and meetings with industry experts.

Safety and
occupational well-being

We pay the utmost attention to the health and safety of our employees, promoting a safety culture and spreading risk awareness.

The company is committed to protecting human resources through external synergies and collaborations, involving all staff in compliance with internal risk prevention regulations and procedures.

In accordance with regulatory requirements, X-LAM Dolomiti, together with other Paterno Group companies, adopts general measures to protect occupational health and safety, defines operating procedures, assesses risks and constantly monitors legislative innovations. The company implements an Occupational Health and Safety Management System that complies with the UNI-INAIL Guidelines.

Supporting communities

X-LAM Dolomites manifests its strong connection with the territory through various choices and initiatives:

Employees: The majority of employees were born or live in Trentino, thus promoting local employment and contributing to family income.
Locations: The main headquarters of production, logistics and offices are located in Castelnuovo, while a second location has been established in Trento to facilitate staff from this area, optimizing travel and respecting ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) principles.
Local suppliers: We favor the use of local suppliers for raw materials needed for production and for products related to site activities, thus promoting a network of collaborations in the local area.
Sponsorship: The company makes itself available to support local volunteerism through targeted contributions, thus strengthening its commitment to its community.

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