Designing with XLam:
a New Opportunity

Designing with XLam: a New Opportunity for Your Profession.

Create change and discover the unlimited possibilities of XLam in building design.

More benefits with XLam

The XLam system offers significant structural and design advantages over other building systems.

resistance and

The XLam system offers outstanding stability characteristics due precisely to the strength and static resistance of the panels.

Suitable system
For facilities

The exceptional strength of Xlam panel combined with the excellent static performance and flexibility of wood enable the construction of 100% safe multi-story buildings.

Calculation and

Designers who have been working on wooden structures for years prefer it: XLam is the simplest system for static calculation and design configuration.

All other benefits
of the Xlam system

The rationalization of the production steps inherent in prefabrication with XLam panels offers a great economic advantage, due in part to the elimination of material waste at the construction site and the almost total elimination of errors in installation. Less waste, quick time = great economy!

With XLam prefabrication, the installation needs fewer workers, as everything is already pre-assembled. In addition to the relevant economic aspect, this is a great advantage because it allows fewer people to be managed on the site, and the chances of errors occurring are greatly reduced.

Compared with timber frame system construction, prefabrication with XLam panels provides greater stability due precisely to the technical construction characteristics of the system. The building provides greater rigidity by offering an overall stronger structure.

Easier construction means shortening commissioning time resulting in adherence to timelines that often cannot be extended.

Prefabrication in XLam is the most similar wood green building solution to the traditional masonry or concrete system-your client will be reassured by this advantage.

Last-minute variations at the design stage or on site, as well as customizations, are much more manageable precisely because of the construction system, with fast turnaround times and low costs.

Maximum design freedom:
we offer you experience and tools
to build your ideas
in green building of the highest quality

What do you propose to the investor to substantiate your design choice? Here are the advantages of designing and building in XLam.

High Seismic Safety

Due to the lightness of the construction system, together with skillful engineering and seismic design of the metal connections, our construction technique offers increased safety in the event of seismic events. Many tests and scientific publications prove this.

High strength

The wood in XLam technology, while being a combustible material, enables the construction of buildings with excellent fire-resistance performance due to the skillful combination of different noncombustible materials together with a strong Know-how in fire-engineering.

Excellent living comfort

XLam panels enable high thermal and acoustic performance: this quality translates into superior living comfort, with healthier environments due to the greater balance between temperature and humidity levels.

High energy efficiency

Wooden structures built with XLam panels, thanks precisely to their high thermal performance, achieve above-standard energy efficiency performance. The multilayer composition of the exterior curtain walls keep indoor temperatures pleasantly cool and even in summer and retain heat without heat loss in winter. resulting in less use of cooling and heating systems with appreciable economic benefits.

High aesthetic performance
by design

Prefabrication with XLam panels makes it possible to elevate the aesthetics of any project, devising unusual shapes and styles and reaching peaks of creativity that could not be achieved before. Living a beautiful building is now easier.


The high quality and special conformation of the layers with which we compose the walls allow almost zero routine maintenance over time. Any maintenance on installations (plumbing pipes or electrical wiring) is also very easy: all are contained in special recesses or passages cut in the panels. Unlike masonry construction, there is no need to break through walls or floors but it is possible to act directly in the pre-prepared rooms.

The incredible

One of the most common misconceptions about wood construction is precisely about its durability: sustainable wood construction has taken off strongly in the last 20/25 years outside the regions that traditionally already use this material. Therefore there are rumors that there are no historical examples to dispel this. 

But this is not the case: throughout our history there are many examples of wooden architectural works that have defied the centuries and are still perfectly intact. We are talking about Chinese temples, churches and houses in villages in Norway, pile dwellings or the very foundations of Venetian palaces, and many, many other examples.

CO2 storage

Wood construction is the only building system that allows CO2 to be stored within structural components, becoming a true CO2 sink for the entire rated life of the building.


The XLam system offers excellent construction solutions For residential buildings as well as commercial and industrial.