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Every construction idea and project finds application with XLAM DOLOMITI.

Let us briefly explore all the supply or construction options available with our brand.

XLam technology

The core-business XLAM DOLOMITI: We are known both for the excellence of our panels and because they are made entirely in our own factories. Each realization is composed of spruce boards cross-glued with formaldehyde-free glues. The panels are pre-drilled and shaped products to prepare forometries of doors, windows and to other openings.

XLAM DOLOMITI is available both for supply only and for on-site installation, including all ancillary products.

  • stable, durable and robust
  • system suitable for large and multi-story structures
  • ease of management on site
  • realization speed

Glulam wood

XLAM DOLOMITI supplies glulam beams (including all accessory products), making it easier to manage the construction site thanks to the “one-stop shop” formula for supplying all structural components for the wooden building. Thanks to the automized numerical control cutting center, we guarantee you the exact realization of the processing on each structural element: end milling, milling, profiling, drilling and execution of joints that can vary in type or complexity.

XLAM DOLOMITI supplies the elements planed and treated on each surface, cut and shaped according to project requirements and ready for installation, providing consulting, project engineering, construction design and complete technical documentation in addition to the possibility of building it with our teams of carpenters.

  • complete processing of the elements
  • simplicity in implementation
  • ideal for buildings with complex architecture
  • realization speed

Steel-wood hybrid system

XLAM DOLOMITI offers the mixed steel-wood system.

The system uses different building materials and technologies that are basically reasoned as “mechanical pieces” in which the structural base (pillars and beams) is entrusted to metalwork, thus allowing for large free spans and the creation of customized environments over time. In contrast, the side floors and curtain walls are devolved to wood (XLam system) to ensure comfort, quick installation, precision assembly, light weight and energy efficiency.

An integrated design that provides multi-story buildings with great structural technical performance in conjunction with sustainability and construction economy.

Prefabricated modular element for steel-wood hybrid system construction